Pretty Pumpkins: 3 "No-Carve" Options for Your Fall and Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is upon us, and this week means that many families are pulling out the carving supplies and going elbow-deep in pumpkins!  However, there are a lot of risks when carving pumpkins (especially for small children) since it involves sharp objects such as knives, and pumpkins are an awkward, slippery mess.  The situation lends itself toward accidental injuries, and no one wants that on Halloween! 

No need to worry though!  Your pumpkin can still look fabulous without a single knife blade being brought out of the drawer!  Here are our 3 favorite pumpkin decorating ideas that are safe for the whole family to do! 

Pull Out the Paints

Painting pumpkins is not a new concept.  In fact, if you look it up on Pinterest, you'll find that this activity can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like.  If you want a child-friendly option, simply throw a plastic tarp down on the floor (or outside!) and hand over paints and brushes to your children.  They can each have their own pumpkin, unique to their style. 

If you want something a little more "upscale" there are all kinds of templates and patterns online that can leave you with a pumpkin that looks as if it was painted in some fancy boutique. No one has to know you did it yourself! 

Hit the Stores

Many stores are offering "no-carve" options in their pumpkin decorating areas now.  These kits range in price, and in concept.  Some of them come with plastic facial features and accessories that are simply stuck into the pumpkin (think a Mr. Potato head, pumpkin-style) while others are more sticker-based.  Regardless of what you choose, these are always a hit with kids, and they are great for parents who just don't have time to get into the mess of painting their pumpkins. 

Grown-Up Pumpkin

For a "classier" look, pull out your drill!  Yep, you heard us correctly.  If you want a cool effect for your pumpkin, choose different heads and drill holes into the pumpkin after cleaning out the pulp and seeds.  Once you have a pattern of holes that you like, simply place a light inside and you have a beautiful pumpkin "lantern" to adorn your front porch or your table for the holiday.  Best part?  Unlike a traditional jack-o-lantern, this decoration can carry you all the way through the Fall season, which means you don't have to throw away a perfectly good pumpkin once Halloween is over! 

Don't let the risk of a knife slip-up keep you from enjoying the pumpkin-decorating season!  Use some of these ideas to make sure your whole family can enjoy festive pumpkins this Halloween without needing the band-aids (or the emergency room!).  If your home needs painting as badly as your pumpkins do, then give us a call!  We at Williams offer painting services for both the inside and outside of your home.  As the holidays approach your home will be on showcase, so make sure it's looking its best!