Worthwhile Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home


We know that you want to enjoy your home, but many homeowners worry about where to throw their money when making upgrades.  Sure, it would be nice to have a backyard spa, but is that a better investment than overhauling the outdated kitchen?  Which upgrades are worthwhile, and which ones just don't really help with the overall value of your house?  We are here to answer that question for you! 

Create Space 

The popular floor plan in today's market is one that has lots of open space.  If your home is a bit "closed in" and has a lot of divided space, considering making an upgrade by knocking out a non-structural wall.  Popular choices include walls that divide living space from the kitchen.  In this same way, islands in kitchens (while helpful with cabinet space) can make a kitchen feel smaller.  If you have enough cabinet space, consider taking the island out.  Still need that storage?  Try a floating island.  It can be moved around to fit your needs, or moved out completely when you want a more open feel. 

Bath and Kitchen Focus 

If you are going to spend money upgrading your home, throw most of your funds toward updating your bathroom and/or kitchen.  These two spaces are where you spend most of your time in your home so make sure you enjoy being in them!  Simple fixes such as new tile, new paint, etc. can completely change the look of a bathroom.  For kitchens, make sure appliances aren't outdated, and keep paint and flooring choices fresh and modern. Speaking of flooring...

Watch Where You Step 

Flooring choice is incredibly important in a house. Wall to wall carpet for example can hold odors and dirt, and can make an otherwise attractive space look dingy and unappealing. Very personalized flooring (like tiles matching a homeowners favorite colors) aren't practical and can send a prospective buyer the other direction in the event that you have to eventually sell your home.  Instead, choose flooring that is neutral and durable and one that holds its value. Good choices include tile (in standard colors and patterns), engineered hardwood, or even something unique like floating cork! Spending $500 on your floor can have as much as a $2,000 return in the long run! 

In the Details 

Sometimes all a space needs is to have a few details tweaked.  Areas such as your entryway (think front door colors, front porch, etc.), lighting, and even small accessories like hardware on  cabinets and drawers can change the feel of a house.

We hope this helps you better understand which areas of your home "hold their value" when upgraded properly. Want to overhaul part of your home? Give us a call! We can handle your project from start to finish, and will partner with you to give you the space of your dreams!