Lay of the Land: Tips for Choosing a Lot for Your New Home

Building a home is an exciting (sometimes nerve-wracking) process, but it can't begin until you have land to build on!  While designing and building the home is often the focus, choosing the right piece of property is just as important, if not more so, than choosing a floor plan or building materials.  Here are our tips for making sure your home will be strong and beautiful from the ground up. 

Location, Location, Location 

This is such an important aspect of choosing a lot for your new home.  You need to factor in the needs of your family (proximity to desired schools, amenities, etc.) as well as the elements you desire for your property such as yard size or views.  A great way to thoroughly investigate the location of a potential lot is to visit in person AND by satellite.  By using technology such as Google Earth, you can see not only the lot itself, but also everything around it.  Perhaps the reason a lot is "such a great deal" is because there is a large (and smelly) farm just a couple of miles away or train tracks running through a piece of property close by.  By looking at the bigger picture, you can see just what kind of property you would be dealing with.  In person visits also allow you to see the views from the property (like if a close neighbor keeps a poorly groomed lot) and get a better feel for the area. 

Look for Red Flags 

While a seller will not put actual red-flags out on their property, there are definitely some factors you need to watch out for when looking at pieces of land.  A small stream that seems like a great place for a fire pit and patio area could turn into a raging river after a hard rainstorm.  Grass that looks sickly or dead might be lacking more than just could be an environmental issue.  Make sure you take a good, hard look at property and if possible take your own (objective) expert with you to evaluate the piece of land.  A really good deal could turn into your worst nightmare if you aren't careful. 

Make a Connection 

When looking at land, you need to consider how "house-friendly" it will be.  Will water, electrical, and cable hookups be easy, or will you have to have special cables and pipes run just for your house?  This can get really costly very quickly.  If you'll have to have a septic tank installed, you'll need to have an inspection done on the soil and make sure your lot can handle a septic system.  These things are wise to check, if possible, BEFORE purchasing the land.  It can be a very costly mistake if you purchase before thoroughly inspecting the details.  

We hope these tips will help you when searching for your perfect piece of property for your new custom home.  Once you find that piece of land, you know who to call!  Williams Construction will partner with you to design your dream home right here in Central Florida and make it a reality!