Prepping to Sell: The Two Rooms That Will Sell Your Home

When you are ready to sell your home, it's easy to get overwhelmed with finding a realtor, preparing for showings, and PACKING!  However, it really isn't as bad as it might seem, and we have narrowed down the two places you should focus your energy when preparing to sell your home: the kitchen and the master bathroom (but remember to stage ALL rooms of your home, and keep them clean and orderly when prepping for a showing). 


Kitchens are the center of your home.  They will be used for family meals, Sunday brunch, holiday parties and entertaining friends for years.  This space can make or break a sale of a home, so make sure yours is "dressed to impress".  It's worth investing some money to make sure your home brings in maximum value in the end, so don't hesitate to upgrade the old vinyl flooring or replace those dingy cabinets.  A fresh coat of paint, some new hardware or a new faucet, and clearing off your kitchen counters can also do wonders for your existing kitchen.  No one likes clutter and having clean counters and fresh paint can make your space appear much larger. 

Master Bath 

The master bathroom is usually the largest bathroom in a home, and it should be the most luxurious.  Many are already equipped with features like soaking tubs, double sinks, etc.  If they don't have these features, consider having some upgrades made by a professional.  If this isn't in your budget though, fresh paint, new storage options, and major cleaning can go a long way in making a master bath look appealing.  A dirty tub doesn't conjure up images of peaceful evenings at home for potential buyers, so put some elbow grease into your cleaning job before a showing.  This includes deep cleaning all grout and tile as well.  If you want to give the bathroom an extra boost, add new lighting and hardware, and consider framing out builder grade mirrors if possible.  These details go a long way! 

When you are ready to sell and need some help with giving your home a facelift, call on Williams Construction.  We can handle any job, large or small, and will partner with you to make sure your home is the best it can be, whether it's to sell or for you yourself to enjoy for years to come.  Give us a call and we will help you come up with a plan that matches what you want while staying within your budget!