When DIY Goes Bad: 4 Construction "Fails"

It's no secret that, sometimes at least, DIY projects can save you money and headache. Choosing to do things yourself can be empowering, customized, and...

dare we say it?...

...fun!  BUT, home construction projects (large scale remodeling, plumbing, etc.) are rarely a good thing to DIY, unless you are a highly skilled professional in that area.  

Here are the 5 "Best" Worst Fails We Found...some of them by DIY enthusiasts, and others that we just aren't sure about.

Things That Go "Bump"


Let's give them the benefit of the doubt here and say that one of them was supposed to be a false drawer front? 

Better Grab the Towels 

This one is just unfortunate for everyone involved... 

Going Up! 

Apparently grading the lot didn't occur to them?  Or maybe they just really wanted to test the 4WD capability of their vehicle.  While they're at it, better test the parking brake too! 

New Curtains? 

sorry folks. Even the best curtains won't mask the fact that one of your windows is several inches higher than the others...probably should have double checked that level one more time. 

As you can see, making sure you hire a professional to take care of your home repair, remodel, and construction projects is vital to making sure you don't end up with a fail of your own.  Why risk it?  Williams Construction can handle any of your construction or painting needs, and we will work alongside you every step of the way to make sure it's EXACTLY what you want.  Best part? You can use all that freed up time to make a few things (DIY wall art anyone?) to decorate your new space!