Gather Around The Table: Finding Dining Furniture that Works for You

So, your brand new kitchen (whether renovated or newly constructed) is done, and you're left with beautiful cabinetry, pristine countertops and a shiny new floor. 

Now what? 

Well, the next step is to move everything into your kitchen.  Appliances, dishes, and your kitchen table.  The only problem is, your kitchen table might not be looking its best compared to all the "newness" around it.  If you think it's time to upgrade, we have some tips to help you choose the best option for you! 

When choosing a kitchen dining set, the first (and most important) factor to consider is the shape and amount of floor space in your kitchen.  For example, if you have limited space, round or oval tables tend to work better since the lack of sharp corners means an easier time of walking around the table when working in the kitchen or hosting guests.  The general rule of thumb when choosing a table for a certain space is to make sure you can allow no less than 30 inches of clearance space between the table and any wall or piece of furniture.  Even this will be on the tight side if someone needs to excuse themselves during a meal, so ideally, you should allot 40-48 inches for easy access to the table at any time.  The best way to make sure you can fit a table is to MEASURE.  Never purchase a piece of furniture in such a magnitude as a dining table without measuring everything first.  Measure the space in your dining area/kitchen, and then use those numbers to choose tables that might work.  You can narrow choices down from there based on style, number of seats, etc. 

That leads us to the second factor when choosing a dining set for your home.  You need to consider your own individual needs.  Just because a glass top table might fit the style of your home the best, if you have young children it will likely be more of a headache than an asset. Some questions to ask yourself when choosing a table might be...

  • Does it have enough seating for my family? 
  • Will it allow me enough seating to host guests? 
  • Is it easy to maintain in my current situation? (See glass table and small children example above!)
  • Is it sturdy enough to meet my needs?

 There are obviously many more factors to be considered based on each individual's circumstances and desires, but our point is that you need to make sure you take many things into consideration when choosing the table that you will be enjoying meals around for the foreseeable future. 

If the table you love doesn't necessarily fit all of your needs, don't be discouraged!  There are some "hacks" that can help certain tables work for you if you make some modifications.  Do you love a certain dining set but it doesn't have enough space for chairs to fit your family? Consider some bench seating to coordinate with the table.  Benches allow more people to be seated around a table with less floor space being taken up, and they are great options for families with kids.  Want to be able to host but don't want a huge table taking up all your workspace every day?  Find a table that offers a removable leaf that can give additional dining space when needed.  The leaf can be hidden away when not in use and you'll make the most of your kitchen workspace. 

We hope these tips will help you when it's time to choose the perfect furniture for your kitchen space.  If your kitchen is looking more worn out than your table and you're ready for an update, give us a call!  Williams Construction can handle any job, whether it's replacing your dingy kitchen floor or doing a complete overhaul of your whole space!