Tips You Need to Know About Home Renovation

We know it's exciting when you finally take the plunge and decide to overhaul ugly, old kitchen cabinets or a too-small bathroom that doesn't meet your needs.  Home renovations, particularly large scale ones, are definitely thrilling with the "ta-da!" element at the end.  Before and after pictures dance through the heads of homeowners from the moment they sit down with the contractor until the project is finished and they get to see their new space in all its glory.  However, there are parts of home renovation you may be unaware of that need to be prepared for ahead of time. 

First, home renovation projects, specifically in areas such as bathrooms and/or kitchens, can really interrupt the flow of a household.  You need to prepare ahead of time for changes in routine based on use of the room being renovated.  For example, when having a kitchen renovated, you need to prepare financially for eating out during the most intense parts of the project when the kitchen will be unusable, or you need to make arrangements to prepare food in a different area (outdoor grilling and dining anyone?).  When having a bathroom overhauled, you need to make sure extra time is allotted when getting ready to go out since everyone will be dependent on one less bathroom than usual.  By preparing ahead, the frustration of having a renovation going on within your home can be alleviated somewhat. 

Another major part of home renovation projects that often gets overlooked is your insurance policy.  For homes undergoing major work, specifically those that add extra square footage, insurance policies often need to be reevaluated.  If you fail to do so, your newly renovated home could be at risk of not being covered in the event of damage or destruction.  It's best to do this ahead of time instead of waiting until the project is finished, so if there are any hangups or issues to deal with, you aren't left with a home without current coverage. 

Finally, you ALWAYS need to use a contractor and construction company that is insured.  By making sure you are using quality workmen, you know that all necessary permits will be taken care of and precautions will be taken so as not to put you, the homeowner, at any risk.  Williams Construction Company is licensed and insured to handle any of your home renovation or construction needs while keeping you protected.  We serve all of Polk County, and we are ready to help you turn your dream space into a reality.  By following the above tips, we can work as a team with you and your family to make sure you love your home and can enjoy it to its fullest.