Curb Appeal: Little Changes, Big Difference

When you drive through a neighborhood, you can often gather a lot of information about the area just from the street view of the homes.  The way your house looks from the street is the first impression you give to people who are visiting, so what does your house say about YOU?

If you think things could use a little "sprucing up" but are worried about blowing your budget, you have no reason to be afraid!  There are some little changes you can make to the front of your house that will make a huge difference to the overall look. 

Come On In! 

Your front door is the first part of your home to welcome people in!  Make sure it's making a good impression.  If your door suffers from peeling paint, or outdated, grungy hardware, consider changing it up!  A fresh coat of paint a complimentary color to your home's exterior color can do wonders for the look of your entry area.  Some shiny new hardware can also offer a complete facelift for a very small price tag. 

Functional and Beautiful 

Just because there are things you MUST have in front of your home, you shouldn't let them take away from your curb appeal.  Mailboxes, for example, can be really ugly if not kept clean and if the yard is allowed to grow up around their base!  Keep your mailbox sprayed down often, and scrub any tough, grimy areas.  Trim the grass around the base each time you mow the yard and your mailbox will always be pristine!  

Another eye sore can be the garbage can. Here in Polk County our garbage cans are usually required to be kept off the side of our homes.  If you can't stand seeing it there, consider placing a few shrubs in front to hide it from street view, or add a nice piece of fencing or latticework to "box" it in beside your home.  With very little money you can make sure that the functional parts of your property are still nice to look at! 

Smooth Travels 

Your driveway might not stand out visually, but it can still leave a negative impression to visitors if not cared for.  No one likes bumping and skidding up an uneven broken driveway! Make sure concrete is clean, that cracks are sealed, and that weeds are eliminated regularly. Keep your lawn trimmed along the edges of the driveway and walkways to keep things looking sharp! 

Show Some Personality 

There are lots of inexpensive ways to add pizzaz to your house front that will make sure people know YOU live there.  Do you love nature or gardening and are often found in the outdoors? Spend some money and time landscaping your entry area.  Some native plants and a few special flowers can do a lot to bring nature right to your front door.  Do your research and you might even attract some butterflies and other animal visitors.  If you want more of a modern look, perhaps you could find some geometric topiaries, or some eclectic pottery to arrange around your front door.  You can never go wrong with a welcome sign or attractive wreath to hang on your front door! 

We hope these tips will help you amp up your home's curb appeal.  If you want to make sure larger-scale changes to the front (or inside) of your home, give us a call!  We customize plans to fit your needs, your budget, AND your desires.  Your home should reflect the ones who live there, and we are ready to help.