Show Your Home Some Love: Forgotten Areas That Need Attention

Valentine's Day is almost here, and everyone has love on the brain!  We do too...but here at Williams Construction, we aren't thinking about candy and roses...we are thinking about how people can show their homes some love this year. 

Think about it.  Your house is there for you, day in and day out.  How often do you show it the attention it needs?  Sure, you mow the lawn, and vacuum the carpets and OF COURSE you repair major damage when and if it happens, but what about the little jobs?  Those details are how you can show your home some love this Valentine's Day. 

Need some ideas? 

Check the Mail...

...or the mailbox that is.  Your mailbox gets dirty, and can quickly fall into disrepair if you don't maintain it.  Give it a good hose down, and scrub it with some basic household cleaner for spots that need a little more attention.  Don't forget to wipe down the inside too!  If your mailbox is brick, stone, or another "heavy" material other than plastic, check for any repairs that need to be done, or painted spots that could use a touch-up. 

Get Your Caulk On

Caulking is often unnoticed, but makes a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom.  Check around sinks, tubs, and toilets to make sure your caulking is still in good shape and staying fresh.  If it looks like there is mold, or the  caulking is peeling, it's time to replace it!  It's inexpensive and easy, so there's no reason to let it go! 

"Squeaky" Clean

Make sure that doors, both indoors and out, are scrubbed clean of fingerprints and other grime that tends to build up over time.  Make sure hinges are oiled up as well, to avoid annoying squeaks! 

Stay in Touch With Touch-Ups

Don't let paint chips and scratches go for long periods of time.  These can make your paint job look incredibly sad and affect the overall look of your home.  Keep your house looking fresh by periodically checking for paint damage throughout, including baseboards and door/window frames.  By touching these things up as they happen, you can make a paint job last longer without having to repaint an entire room. 

We hope this sparks your drive to show your own house some love this Valentine season.  If you have some bigger jobs that need attention, give us a call!  Williams Construction can handle not only repair or renovation projects, but we do interior and exterior painting as well! What better way to surprise your sweetie and show your house some love at the same time than by having a brand new paint job taken care of for them! 

Happy Valentine's Day from Williams Construction Company!