Put Some "Spring" in Your Space: Creating an Outdoor Space You Can Love

Spring is here in Central Florida, and that means our Polk County friends and neighbors are pulling out their lawnmowers, bringing the patio furniture out of storage, and gearing up for lots of time spent outdoors.  The temperatures are just right, and people don't want to miss out on enjoying them! 

Unfortunately, that bright spring sunshine and fresh green grass can make your existing outdoor space look...well...dull.  Perhaps you have been meaning to upgrade your concrete slab out back with something a little more functional for friendly gatherings, or maybe your pool area could use a fire pit and a pergola!  Whatever your preferences, we guarantee we can help you make your vision come true! Not sure how to add some sparkle to your outdoor living area? 

Here are some popular choices that we know you'll love...

Made in the Shade

One of the most common upgrades we see people make to their outdoor spaces here in Florida is the addition of shade or a roof-structure for their patio or backyard area.  This can be a full addition to the roof off of the back of your home, or something like a pergola over a freestanding patio.  Whatever your choice, you will be glad you invested in the upgrade.  Not only will it give you hours of enjoyment on your patio without the heat and overwhelming sun, but it will also make your house more marketable in the event you have to sell. 

An Element of Fun

Additions to your back yard, such as a patio with built a built-in barbecue, or a fire pit space where you can gather with neighbors, are great choices since they give your space some entertainment value as well as function.  Upgrades like these offer limitless entertainment with friends and family and will serve you well for many years. 

Fresh and Festive

Adding built in planters, garden spaces, and even water features are a great way to personalize your outdoor space while adding a level of "freshness" with flowers and greenery.  During the spring this is especially nice, since we enjoy a variety of colorful floral options here in Central Florida thanks to our climate.  Having planters built-in mean you can cultivate rich soil that will grow flowers and plants year after year, instead of using only transient planters or pots that must be emptied and replaced each season. 

We hope this sparks your imagination for your own outdoor space.  If you are ready for some spring upgrades, whether inside or outside your home, give us a call!  Williams Construction can tackle and job, of any size, and we love to see our clients happy in their new space. 

Happy Spring!