Bang for Your Buck: Incorporating Hidden Storage Into Your Space

Whether we are building a custom home or business space, or renovating an existing one, we hear a common theme among our clients: I NEED STORAGE! 

Storage is a hot topic in construction and design. Whether it's pantry space, extra closets, or under-the-desk cabinetry, people want to be able to store their stuff without having to look at it hanging out in the open.  Recently, organizational tutorials and heaps of "storage bins" are popping up in droves, all the way from Pinterest to the local dollar store.  "Organizing" is a trend...but are a bunch of bins really going to help you organize your space? 

Perhaps the best way to start on your organizational "spring cleaning" plan this year is to evaluate your actual home or office building.  Are you making the most of the existing space?  It might be time to rethink the way parts of your home are being used. 

Some common places to check? 

Stairways.  Stairs usually have unused space underneath.  Consider adding a closet space and/or shelving under the stairwell.  This gives you a great place for hiding items away (or can make a very convenient coat-closet in a home) and utilizes an area of your home that might be going unnoticed currently. 

Go Vertical.  Closets, pantries, etc. are often equipped with shelving.  However, the shelves usually start at "reaching" height (or slightly above) so as to allow easy access for users. Consider adding extra shelving at a higher level that the regular shelving.  This space is a great place to store items that aren't used often.  Here in Central Florida, that could mean winter wear like sweaters and boots, or in an office space, it could be where you keep extra supplies that are only for occasional use.

Bathrooms and Kitchens.  These rooms are often full of wasted space and storage opportunities.  For example: does your kitchen have cabinetry over the refrigerator?  A lot of homes actually don't!  This is a big waste of space, and just stacking things on top of the fridge leads to clutter (and can be a dusty mess).  Adding cabinets over your fridge gives you extra (hidden) storage, and makes your kitchen look more complete.  In your bathroom, the area over the toilet is a common wasted space.  Many people install shelving, or free-standing over-the-toilet storage units, but these can make your bathroom look less cohesive since they aren't part of the original design.  Consider having actual cabinetry installed in this space to match your existing bathroom.  It's a great way to store unsightly items like toilet paper and other bathroom needs.  They are still handy, but not an eyesore! 

During this spring cleaning season of 2016, we hope you'll keep these tips in mind.  If you need some help brainstorming ways to increase storage in your own home, or want an estimate on an idea you already have, give us a call!  Williams Construction can handle any project, regardless of the size or space.