One Stop Shop: How Williams Construction Can Handle It ALL.

It's no secret that Williams Construction handles full-scale home building projects, business renovations, and other "major" projects that involve long-term planning and labor throughout the greater Winter Haven area.  However, it might not be as well-known that we handle projects of a smaller-scale too! 

Williams Construction doesn't pride itself on the size of the projects we do.  Rather, we take great care with the quality and the service that we offer to our Polk County clients, regardless of the job being done. 

Have an open pool but want to go "under cover" and add a screen?  We can handle that. We can handle replacing old or broken pool screens as well, so you can be proud of your pool area during your gatherings with friends around the water this summer. 

That bedroom that will be vacant once your kid moves out for college in August?  Why not turn it into a multi-purpose home office?  We can help you come up with the perfect plan that will blend the function of a home office with the ability to turn into a "guest room" when your child comes home for holidays. 

Williams Construction is also your go-to provider for bathroom and kitchen renovations.  We love seeing clients light up when they get the first glimpse of a new, spa-like bathroom or their fancy kitchen ready for entertaining guests for years to come. 

These types of projects don't take years to plan or complete, but we consider them just as important as the very largest projects we've taken on.  For us, client satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and seeing smiles and happiness from our completed work is what we strive for, whether it's a simple bedroom renovation or building a dream home on the lake.