Building a House That Will Become A Home: Choosing Between A Spec Home And A Custom Home

A spec home by Williams Construction! 

A spec home by Williams Construction! 

Home-building has become a popular choice here in Central Florida. Polk County is full of neighborhoods being filled-in with new construction on a frequent basis.  Families are realizing that their dream of building their own home is a reality, and with the market being favorable toward buyers right now, there is no better time to think about a new home for your family. 

When you decide to build, you have two main options.  You can build a custom home, which is essentially your very own plan, from the foundation to the kitchen drawer pulls, OR, you can build a spec home.  A spec home is a popular choice right now, because it typically takes less time than a custom home, and it can (sometimes) be a more affordable option.  Each choice has a long list of benefits though, and in the end, each client has an option that will best suit them and their situation. 

So, what are the benefits of each choice when building a house to become your home? 

With a custom home, you are in close interaction with your builder, and you have a lot of control in regards to what your home will look like.  How many closets, the layout of the floorpan, and even little details like the type of light fixtures in the bathroom will be in your hands.  Your builder is there to help you figure out the logistics of fitting together each of your choices and ideas into a blueprint of your dream home.  This process can take a while, and usually, a custom home is a longer process since each detail has to be discussed and mulled over with the homeowner.  Although it might take more time, building a custom home means your end-result is totally tailored to you and your family, and will be suited to meet your individual needs. 

A spec home, on the other hand, has a floorpan that is, for the most part, already drawn by your builder.  The layout of the rooms, the location of the plumbing, electricity, walls, etc. are all decided upon.  The little details, however, are customized by the future homeowner.  The types of countertops, the colors and finish of cabinetry, and the type of flooring are all left "blank" and are determined by each individual client and their budget/wants.  The end result with a spec home is still tailored to the desires of the homeowner, but the majority of the "big" decisions have already been made by the builder.  Since the blueprint of this home is not totally custom, it will not be the only home of its kind, but that also means the builders can have it move-in ready more quickly. 

As you can see, each option when building a home can be a wonderful, exciting process and will leave you with a house you can love.  We have even better news for you though.  Regardless of which option you choose, Williams Construction has you covered!  We offer both custom homes AND spec homes.  We can even help you come up with a renovation plan for your current home if you aren't ready to move, but want to alter your house to better meet your needs. 

Let us help welcome you home, by building the house of your dreams!